Electronic Translator VIDEO
Electronic Translator Guidelines

BackgroundDefinition: An electronic translator refers to any device that translates from one language to another, such as a hand-held electronic dictionary/translator, computer software, or on-line translation sites.
  • An electronic translator is a reference tool, such as a dictionary or a thesaurus.
  • Improper use of electronic translators is a new type of plagiarism. Often people do not associate them with cheating.
  • Word to word translations do not work, whether using a traditional dictionary or an electronic translator. Language is complex, filled with idiomatic expressions, figurative language, slang, nuances, and ever-changing vocabulary. Translation software is not sophisticated enough to adequately translate from one language to another.

  • Language is a skill that must be acquired over time; there is no quick way to learn it. You must use the vocabulary constantly in order to internalize the language.
  • Communication is critical in learning a language. You can not look up words when face to face with a native speaker. You are cheating yourself of the opportunity to learn the language if someone or something else does the work for you.
  • Translators do not enhance the acquisition of language because you need to work with and manipulate the language in order to learn.
  • It is cheating if the translator is doing your written work; in order to learn, you must do the work.
  • It is unethical to submit work that is not original.
  • You may not use the electronic translator to translate phrases, sentences, or paragraphs. The result is not original work.
Consequences We will follow the Norwayne High School Plagiarism/Cheating policy.
  • Any work turned in that has been done by an electronic translator will result in a failing grade.
  • Students must accept the consequences if they use an electronic translator inappropriately.

(Thank you to Mme. Charles from MVHS for these guidelines. (Per the Dirigo HS website) If you created the original source, please let us know so we can give you credit!)